Madame Librarian


Skin:  Pink Fuel: Elly – Honey: Angelic with Coral Splash Lipstick
Hair:  Truth Hair – Isla:  Espresso
Dress:  Whippet and Buck – Makybe Knit Dress – Navy
Shoes:  Mon Tissu – Sloane Heals – Mustard
Necklace:  Yummy – Ms. Havisham’s Broken Heart
Ring:  Paper Couture – Moon Ring

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Mon Tissu

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog.  But to be fare, I’ve been extremely busy in the mean time.  I’ve had things like RL crowding in and also the Skin and Shape Expo which is coming soon!

This evening, it was posted on plurk that there were new Mon Tissu releases and I just had to go see them.  While there was a fair amount of lag, it made up for it when I saw the new items.  They are gorgeous and mix and match extremely well with other things.

Another thing new I am wearing is Cashmere skins.  Love this skin.  It is very dramatic and even comes with a tattoo layer of teeth.
MonTissu - 4/14

My Fellow Bloggers – Gabe Bookmite

for all the year(s) that I have known Gabe Bookmite, one word describes him.  Drama.  Gabe dresses dramatically, he decorates dramatically, he loves dramatically and he hates dramatically.  I consider myself one of his friends and also his neighbor.  He is part of the reason why I live in the amazing place that I currently do.

I’ve always admired Gabe’s fashion sense.  He is never afraid to be daring and fierce with what he wears in Second Life.  This world is his canvas and he paints with bold strokes.  That is the reason why I asked him to be partners with me in this posting.  He graciously agreed and we had to find something that would suit both of our needs.  I had no idea what we were going to do.  He suggested Sexy Pirates and I was all for that, but now Sexy Pirates will be for a later posting, and after seeing the Black Swan trailer on-line I said how about that!  Well why not?  Dramatic ballerinas on the brink of sanity?


After a little bit of surfing and looking for something I came across Vita’s Boudoir.  They had many different highly dramatic pieces for Black Swan, even the Black Swan makeups with the white face and eye make up that looked like wings.  I opted for my new favorite skin Curio’s Jasmine.  This whole look is highly dramatic and quickly becoming one of my favorites.



Skin :  Curio – Jasmin – Shell – Mysterious 2

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard –  Opaline Eyes 5

Dress:  Vita’s Boudoire – J’adore Tu Tu

Hair:  Vita’s Boudoire –  Wings Updo – Black

Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Foxy Black Heals


Check here for Gabe’s Style and blog

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Look of the Day – Curio & Aoharu

Last night I was trolling Plurk, scanning the entries of fellow plurkies as they made comments on who was a basic bitch, who released new items and what was going on in his or her general daily lives.  I stopped across James  Schwarz’s entry about the new Curio Skins and how he quoted them as flawless.  I looked at the image posted and sat for a moment in awe.  They were flawless.  They are perfect for Asian Skins.  So immediately I checked my lindens and went to Curio to purchase them.  But I ask you why stop at one skin when there are so many different choices?  Don’t stop, buy the whole fatpack!  For the amount of skins you receive with the fat pack it is a highly good deal.  I loved all the tones and all the different lip options.  This is a must buy.


Aoharu has always been one of my favorite clothing stores for years.  I have some of the old old stuff even their skins.  Machang Pichot puts so much heart in every single one of her designs.  The detail is always stunning.  Go check it out!


Look of the Day - 2/5

Skin:  Curio – Jasmine – Honey – Pure 2

Hair:  Elikatira – Details – Black 4

Sweater:  Aoharu – Cable Knit Dress – Gray

Socks – MG Fashions – Deep Red

Shoes – YS&YS – Tiburon – Black

Necklace – ¡BF! Lady Cameo Silver

Look of the Day  - 2/5 Closeup